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Welcome to the blog for BISC Digital Humanities Field School! We’re delighted to offer a brand new, innovative undergraduate summer program in the Digital Humanities, at Herstmonceux Castle in Hailsham, UK.

This program offers two courses, one theoretical and one practical, that have a common goal—to investigate the intersections between digital culture, technology, and traditional arts and humanities disciplines. How does digital technology change the way that we approach literature or history? How do new technologies shed light upon the older technologies that produced novels, letters, or political events? And how must we develop a new way of reading or understanding technology in the face of an increasingly present digital culture? How are the critical and practical skills that we gain in the Digital Humanities applicable to a wider range of activities in an increasingly technical world?

In two courses over five weeks, we’ll explore these and many more questions.

Students will:

  • gain digital literacy skills;
  • develop an in-depth understanding of the emergent DH scholarly community;
  • foster organizational skills for scholarly events;
  • theorize the role of the user in technology;
  • gain hands-on, transferable experience in research and project organization;
  • and learn how to effectively and critically use editorial technologies.

We hope you’ll visit the site again next week. Every week, we’ll feature debates, projects, or people who work in the Digital Humanities at Queen’s, across North America, in the UK, and on an international scale. You’ll get a chance to engage with some of the people and projects that we feature on the blog at the Field School. On the site, you’ll also find a thorough description of the courses offered at the Field School, and instructions for applying to the Field School.

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