Queen’s University Libraries and the DH BISC Field School

University Librarian, Martha Whitehead lends her voice in support of the DH BISC Field School.

Martha Whitehead, Queen's University Librarian

Martha Whitehead, Queen’s University Librarian

The Digital Humanities Field School at the Bader International Study Centre will equip students with the critical digital literacies to participate in the growing digital culture on Queen’s campus. When I visited the Castle, I was struck by the opportunities students have to build a sense of their global citizenship. Students from the Digital Humanities Field School will understand the ever-changing landscape of worldwide digital cultures and will possess the skills to critically navigate that landscape.

Working with students lets us know about the kinds of services we should be delivering. As the proposed Centre for Digital and Print Culture at Douglas Library is poised to become a hub of interdisciplinary scholarship at Queen’s, students who attend the Field School will be able to shape the future of humanities and technological culture at Queen’s. It is student involvement that allows the Library to offer new, innovative, and relevant support and collaboration. I give my warm support to the Digital Humanities Field School and I look forward to welcoming its students into technological and interdisciplinary scholarship on Queen’s campus.


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